Monisha K Gumber is a popular author of motivational fiction graphic novels. She is amongst a handful of Indian writers and thinkers who address issues faced by contemporary desi teens, specially growing-up girls. Her popular YA graphic novels titled Sick of being Healthy, Dying to Live and Dolly won’t Play are now combined and offered as a complete package titled ‘Teen Trilogy’. The stories revolve around the wacky lives of three close friends Tara, Megha and Dolly dealing with their unique experiences with boys, school lives and never-ending expectations of the society in general. They are colloquial, motivational, and highly entertaining. Yet, her narrative can get hard-hitting, raw, and intense at times, which has garnered thousands of ardent online followers specially those who enjoy the combination of illustrations, ideas and words. Her book Bahir focusses on immigrant lives and struggles in the backdrop of the Middle East. All her books have an underlying theme of social issues, implications and proposed realistic solutions. Additionally, she is also the founder of Vachi Audiobooks, a YouTube channel dedicated to creating fun yet meaningful content in the form of stories and spiritual poetry. She is passionate about youth empowerment and all her creative endeavors are fueled by her life purpose of ‘making a difference’.
Monisha is currently living in Abu Dhabi with her family. She is a Strategy Advisor and holds a Doctorate degree in Management. Her other YouTube channel explores business concepts and frameworks in a simple manner and highly suitable for management students and professionals.
Monisha feels her belief and interest in Sanatan Dharma is her driving force. Hari Om.

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